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Pre-Free Agency 2023


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That’s incorrect. Teams and their franchised players have until July 15th to negotiate a long-term deal regardless of whether the franchise tender is signed or not.
Okay, I didn't know the date. Teams aren't wasting time with a tag if they're close in negotiations. It's far more likely they have a deal close to completion or they're going to let him hit the open market, determine his worth then decide to match it or not. Either way they've announced they weren't going to use the tag at all. They have plenty of draft capital, they could draft an OT but they need two starters.

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the cap has been set, and the tag values set... let the tampering period begin...

cap is 224 million, tags are set, and we got about 32.5 million of bob krafts money to play with...

franchise (non-exclusive)/ transition tags:

Quarterback: $32,416,000 / $29,504,000

Running back: $10,091,000 / $8,429,000

Receiver: $19,743,000 / $17,991,000

Tight end: $11,345,000 / $9,716,000

Offensive line: $18,244,000 / $16,660,000

Defensive end: $19,727,000 / $17,452,000

Defensive tackle: $18,937,000 / $16,068,000

Linebacker: $20,926,000 / $17,478,000

Cornerback: $18,140,000 / $15,791,000

Safety: $14,460,000 / $11,867,000

Kicker/punter: $5,393,000 / $4,869,000

still bit surprised the league hasnt split the tackles, guards and centers... but then again who really franchises guards & centers...
Thanks again for your efforts, Pape. You save me so much time and are a good source of information.

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last two years he's sucked... Caught less than 50% of the balls thrown his way... It would be like signing a worse version of agholor all over again... Id rather stand in front of a hurricane and piss directly into the wind than sign robbie anderson
Ok I see.. just wanted to get some thoughts on him.. so being there you don't want him watch your team sign him lol lol


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Sources told NBC Sports Edge's Matthew Berry the Broncos are "quietly shopping" WR Courtland Sutton.

Berry went on to say, "if they get a decent offer, they would move him." Sutton is currently under team control through the 2024 season at a non-prohibitive $15.5 million annual average, meaning this might be a case of failing to meet team expectations in chemistry with quarterback Russell Wilson. Sutton held the lowest separation at target value of any primary pass-catcher that Wilson has played with over the previous five seasons in 2022.

Sutton is another guy I'd put in that Deandre Hopkins camp where it's a trade that could conceivably happen. The Broncos have paid all his guaranteed money so all they would be paying for his his salary. If the Broncos simply want a salary dump they could move him for a reasonably low pick. If so the Pats could pay him at his current rate or rework his deal to make it more palatable.

Now you’re talking. I like Sutton a lot and his injury woes seem to be behind him.

Here’s a link, in case anyone wants it.

(cue the “but he doesn’t separate!” posts)
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He's ok, only mentioned him because hes been a favorite name on the potential trade rumor mill because, iirc, he played with Mac at Bama
I'd take Sutton over Juedy all day.

Sutton is super tall and has unique mobility for his size, he has never played with a good QB or in a great offensive situation.

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Man quarterback salaries are getting out of control. Now $40+million for average QBs.

But it's going to be a case where QBs and receivers take up more of the cap at the expense of other players. You'll have guys making $100k and some QB making $50million
He definitely played better than a average qb. Granted it was only a small sample. Good story of a player that crawled through a river of **** and came out clean on the other side. Granted its Jet sewage that is worse than anything Andy could of imagined but happy for Geno Smith and his payday.

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