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PFT: Belichick sees Dramatic Improvement in Mac

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Sep 25th
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JarOfMayo51 Supporter Supporter
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I don't get the "Limited Ceiling" narrative around Mac. He is a very driven player, he is a very High IQ player, a film room rat, he started woring on his diet and strength and conditioning in his first offseason, went to T House to work on throwing mechanics and 'arm strength', and has won the respect and confidence of his teammates.

The ability to make the correct reads is the MOST important quality of a QB (assuming a reasonable amount of arm talent) Mac is WAY ahead of the curve there. The Other Stuff he is working on and by all accounts makes progress with. People seem to forget or are too young to remember that Brady had a weak are when he came into the league. This was the knock on him in all the Draft reports, Bledsoe had a much stronger arm. Brady however had the higher football IQ he knew where to go with the ball. Jones looks very much like a young Brady albeit with the experience of playing a full rookie year.

I see no reason that Mac cannot be the BEST QB in the NFL.

Blah blah blah, is his arm as strong as Josh Allen’s? No? Then he’s garbage

(This is sarcasm, I agree with you)


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I can't wait until next week to see how much Mac has improved...the suspense is killing me


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We definitely hope so we won't play Buffalo until later in the year anyway so we should have things ironed out by them. Mac and this Team need to really take Advantage of that easy early Schedule. We are not playing world beaters and some Teams are in transition: good time to catch em.