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Player Signing Pats sign Jalen Mills


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The Rosenhaus connection continues

I forget where/when I read it but BB commented on why he does biz w/ Rosenhaus. He basically said Drew takes the time to understand what kind of player they want for the team. Personality, skill, pricetag, position, scheme, etc and does a good job of matchmaking. He also said there is trust with the agent which is important.

DW Toys

In the Starting Line-Up

Cousin Rosenhaus has got to be sitting in Foxborough with his feet up on the desk in Bill's office with pen in hand.
Here's a thought. Bill let Gronk go to join TB. Is this a payback for BB giving Gronk and Rosenhaus a solid?
Smart on Rosenhaus to set up shop with the Pats....the second most CAP.
Smart on Bill to sign these guys now rather than get into a bidding war the next few days.
DW Toys


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I think they are going to release Chung.
If they can find a spot on the roster for him, I think they'll prefer to keep him around just for the leadership. That being said, he wasn't even playing particularly well before opting out and is firmly within the category of "old" in football years. I certainly would not expect him to be a starter.

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