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Jun 8, 2012
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Like the Color Rush we are currently wearing? Think the Navy Blues are the best? Pining for the old Red Jersey? Secretly admire the 1990's royal blues?

The Patriots have had an overabundance of uniforms over the years... a Brief History if you will

1960: Home Reds, 3/4 length sleeves, Some jersies had nameplates, others didn't

1961-1968: Some slight variations in shoulder piping on Home Reds

1969-1972: Home Reds/Road All Whites, Shoulder striping removed; sleeve piping, enlarged, moved to bicep area

1973-1978: Home Reds, All White Road

1979-1980: Home Reds, Road White Top/Red Pants; 1979 Third Uniform Shown is Preseason

1981-1983: Home Reds, All White Road

1984-1987: Home Reds, Road White Top/Red Pants; Bicep band removed, Shoulder Striping returns

1988-1989: Home Reds, All White Road

1990-1992: Home: Reds; Road White Top/Red Pants

1993: Home: Solid Blue Jersey, Road: White Jersey, Gray Pants; Red Numbers; Striping on Pants tailored to match Flying Elvis tail

1994: Home: Solid Blue/White Numbers; Road: White Top,Gray Pants/Red Numbers; Flying Elvis pant striping removed to more traditional straight piping; Throwbacks: vs Green Bay Packers, All-Whites as home team, at New York Jets All Whites as road team

1995-1999: Home: Blue Striped, Italicized White Numbers with red shadow box; White/Gray, Red Italicized Numbers with blue shadowbox; Third Photo of Robert Edwards in All White is from the Playoffs

2000-2019: Home: Navy Blues; Away: White, Gray Pants
2002: Red Throwbacks, @ Detroit Lions
2002: Blue Top / Blue Pants, vs Green Bay Packers ; vs Denver Broncos
2003-2007: Gray / Silver Jersey added, worn with blue pants
2008: First game of the season, all teams wore the GU 63 patch
2009: Red Throwbacks, vs Tennessee Titans, vs Buffalo Bills & @ Miami Dolphins; All White Throwbacks, @Denver Broncos
2010: Red Throwbacks, vs Minnesota Vikings, vs Detroit Lions
2011: MHK Patch ; Red Throwbacks, vs New York Jets
2012: Red Throwbacks, vs New York Jets - Last time the Patriots wore Throwbacks due to NFL "One Helmet" rule
2016: Color Rush All Blue, vs Houston Texans
2017: Color Rush All White, @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers; All Blue, vs Atlanta Falcons
2018: Color Rush All Blue, vs Indianapolis Colts, vs Green Bay Packers
2019: Color Rush All Blue, vs New York Giants, vs Cleveland Browns, vs Kansas City Chiefs

2020-2023: Home: Navy Blue Jersey/Pants; Road: White Top/Navy Blue Pants

2022: Red Throwbacks, vs Detroit Lions, vs Buffalo Bills; Navy Blue Top/Silver Pants vs Chicago Bears
2023: Red Throwbacks, vs Miami Dolphins, vs Los Angeles Chargers; Navy Blue Top/Silver Pants @ Miami Dolphins, vs Buffalo Bills

so here they are, a visual guide


updated 03/22... added a colorized away jersey for 1960, replaced the '69 b/w home jersey with a color photo
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I like the Navy Blue 2000s ... The road white from that era is probably one of the best looking jerseys of all time. Clean lines, solid color scheme with the red piping around the numbers...

For the reds, I like the white top / red pant version... Looks good together... The all whites looked dingy to me... The sullivan's must have been scrimping on the bleach...
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Their uniforms have been ugly since 2000.

90’s was the best. There was no reason to change those.
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The home and away from 84-92 are my favorite of the Pat Patriot Era. The home and away with alternate silvers 2003-07 are my favorite of the Championship Era. I would love to combine the two looks. Gimme 84-92 with Elvis and a silver helmet, and a silver/blue alternate. Sorry @Actual Pats Fan.
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I think the best combo would be: 1994-1999 Flying Elvii shoulder logos....but red pants...and classic pat patriot white helmets...

Just my 2 cents....
That must be a preseason game because they never wore white pants with that jersey in regular season games. The colors pop on those uniforms.
I will check on that when I get the chance

I know the 96 away uniform shown is from the preseason because tedy is wearing 45
That must be a preseason game because they never wore white pants with that jersey in regular season games. The colors pop on those uniforms.
January 3, 1999 AFC Wildcard Game, vs Jacksonville Jaguars

edit: in the playoffs ... regular season, they had gray/silver pants ... nice catch

will have to edit the original pic to show the regular season version as well
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I really like the Pats uniform history overall. The reds are beautiful, the 90s blues were a fun look, and the 00s dynasty look was sharp. The current uniform is the most boring of all of our looks, but still not bad. It's hard for me to pick an absolute favorite but I'd probably go with the 80s/early 90s red uniforms because they are just so nice. I do like the current logo better than Pat Patriot though (don't kill me).

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