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Patriots Training Camp - Thursday 7/28

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Dec 12th
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In the Starting Line-Up
Because he sucks, just like Harry. Of course, you thought Harry would thrive.
You’ve seen about 2 minutes worth of Asiasi highlights, (same when I made those N’Keal comments) and most of those came with Cam Newton at QB in 2020… you don’t know dck about him or Keene.

You say every Patriot player sucks, that’s your schtick.


In the Starting Line-Up
N''Keal Harry staying on the team kept the team from moving forward as needed at the WR position. Every single Patriots fan on the planet should have been rooting for him to get cut, pretty much from day one.

That's just one easy example.
We saw 2 1/2 seasons of Harry, he was given max snaps, he was given every opportunity to make it and failed. Everyone agreed he sucked.

Everyone also knew he was getting cut or traded this off-season but it didn’t stop you guys from rehashing the entire 2019 draft over for 30 pages and telling us how BB sucks.

There is a world of difference between seeing Harry with a competent offense and QB around him and Asiasi and Keene… who we’ve barely seen at all and who currently have two vet TE’s ahead of them. Keene missed all last season with injury or he was redshirted. Saying Asiasi, a guy who made the team last year btw, sucks with zero proof beyond “because I say so” isn’t fandom… or it’s shtty fandom at best.

I can imagine Venereal back in the day saying “we should cut that Edelman guy, he drops balls and can’t stay healthy… he sucks.”


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Whoa! This thread has gone off the rails. I'm glad training camp for 7/28 is over so this thread is no longer needed...wink wink...

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Thornton got 1st team reps with Jones today and was 4/4 in red zone targets.
Thank you. I have nothing to add except that Jalen Mills could rob a dispensary blind and nobody would be the wiser. (Just saw my first video of him talking from the podium.)

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner

This has the ring of a man who knows what "literally" means and forgot that the word would apply to off-season days for real sticklers.

But I'm just being a jerk, that is great to see... and you see a lot of that BB-love from the players... there's this guy in florida everybody says what an honor it is to play with, who used to be on the Patriots. It's a no-brainer that people would want to play with him.

You don't often hear people says the similar things about playing for a certain coach, appeciating them like that. I am sure the really good ones do get these mentions, but it's feels good to see