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Player Signing Patriots signed P Corliss Waitman


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Patriots coach Bill Belichick has long felt that left-footed punters provide a challenge to opposing returners because the ball spins differently. Waitman is left-footed.

Waitman was born in Belgium and grew up in the Netherlands playing soccer, but moved to the United States in high school and started punting. He played his college football at South Alabama and has spent time in the NFL with the Steelers and Raiders in addition to the Broncos. He also had a prior stint on the Patriots’ practice squad. He was the Broncos’ punter for all 17 games last year.


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FYI, his 46.6 yard average is 40 yards longer than Bailey's was last year.

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The Broncos withdrew his ERFA tender, which is to say that he was under contract for minimum salary and they decided that was too much. I think there’s going to be another addition there, and history suggests that it’s probably coming in the fifth round.


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Seems decent, we’ll probably sign an UDFA or draft a guy too, to compete. Glad we didn’t end up with a guy way over the hill.


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I had 2 thoughts when I read this. Did we just really sign Corlis Williamson? What's he going to play? Defensive tackle?

And then I thought, wait, that was 25+ years ago when Corlis played at Arkansas. He must be 50 years old at this point.

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