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Patriots OTA's 5-23-2022

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Third String But Playing on Special Teams
NFL Picks Grand Champ!
Wait ….Wynn’s not out there!?!? That’s strange…..he doesn’t have an injury I’m sure….guy is made of steel….I’m sure it’s just an approved personal day off
he is in his last year he wants a new contract


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  • Evan Lazar’s Notebook: Bill Belichick heavily involved with offense at Patriots OTAs.
  • Alex Barth’s OTA Notebook Day 1: Back on the field in Foxborough. Attendance, rookie standouts; More.
  • Andrew Callahan’s Patriots OTAs observations: Bill Belichick leads the offense, Mac Jones shines and more.
  • Phil Perry’s Patriots OTA observations: Mac Jones in great shape thanks to improved diet; DeVante Parker,, Jabrill Peppers; More.
  • Zack CoxOTAs Observations: Day 1 Of spring practice. Attendance, QB report, plays of the day; More.
  • Chris Mason’s 9 Patriots OTA observations: DeVante makes play of the day; More.
  • Evan Lazar talks about some under-the-radar storylines after viewing OTAs on Monday. Along the offensive line, first-rounder Cole Strange looks like a plug-and-play starter at left guard.
  • Tom E. Curran details the roles of each coach during Monday’s session, and wonders whether Belichick will be the de facto offensive coordinator/playcaller going forward.
  • Phil Perry describes who was coaching who at yesterday’s OTAs; Belichick being more active on the offensive side of the ball makes sense given the relative inexperience Judge and Patricia have as day-to-day offensive coaches in New England.
  • Hayden Bird relays Bill Belichick talking about Patriots play-calling at the start of OTAs.
  • Andrew Callahan reports LBs Raekwon McMillan, Cameron McGrone are ready to take over in the middle.
  • Khari Thompson finds Jack Jones a surprising rookie standout on Day 1 of Patriots OTAs.
  • Karen Guregian explains why Mac Jones’ offseason makeover is a reason for optimism.
  • Mike D’Abate (Patriots Country) Mac Jones at OTAs: Leaner, meaner, better?
  • Mike D’Abate (Patriots Country) Mac Jones embracing offensive staff changes: ‘Good group of coaches.’
  • Mike Reiss notes Mac Jones’ offseason conditioning is evident to his teammates: ‘He’s in the best shape of his life.’
  • Karen Guregian highlights Mac Jones with some interesting things to say about his relationship with Joe Judge. “The goal is to kind of teach each other, move along, and take what he knows, take the experiences that I have, and combine them, and work together as a great team.”
  • Zack Cox notes Jonnu Smith says he’s glad he’s at OTAs after skipping last year. ‘I’m just a big believer, and I’m seeing it coming to fruition.’
  • mikereis (Gillette Gazette) Keep or trade? 6 players who if they stay or leave will make the Patriots dangerous.
  • Richie Whitt (Patriots Country) Veteran kicker Nick Folk appears to again be one of New England’s most consistent players.
  • Kevin Tame, Jr. (Patriots Country) Hidden gem? Former NFL Executive of Year praises Patriots pick of Bailey Zappe.
  • Dakota Randall notes Mac Jones, unlike Ryan Tannehill, is eager to mentor his understudy QB, Bailey Zappe.
  • Ian Logue (PatsFans) Patriots announce updated player jersey numbers.
  • Nick Goss notes NFL Network includes Mac Jones among dark horse NFL MVP candidates.
  • Ian Logue (PatsFans) Patriots News 5/23: Five things to know. All five are about the coaching staff concerns. /lolz.
  • Scott Neville says plenty of Patriots showed up to support the Celtics in Pivotal Game 4 vs. Heat.
  • Locked On Patriots podcast: Mike and Murph discuss the start of OTAs and the most intriguing offensive storylines. (44 min.)
  • Patriots Wire podcast: Henry McKenna talks with Baylor head coach Dave Aranda on what to expect from Patriots WR Tyquan Thornton in Year 1. (37 min.)
  • Locked On Patriots podcast: Mike D’Abate gives his thoughts on the coaching staff, and why some of the criticism is both premature and unfair. (32 min.)
Thanks for all this….awesome job


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
How much you want to bet?
Unless there are injuries or any guys ahead of him (I can specify the guys ahead of him) get traded then Harry will not make the final roster. So if you accept those two stipulations I will take that bet as well.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Wait ….Wynn’s not out there!?!? That’s strange…..he doesn’t have an injury I’m sure….guy is made of steel….I’m sure it’s just an approved personal day off
When talking about our OL, never again, at least for the next 10 years, use the word strange as an adjective. That word is only to be used as a noun.


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White socks and sandals.... I'm guessing BB grew up in a senior living community someplace in Florida? Who knew...
Wait a minute! Seniors are people too. As a card carrying member of that fraternity, I OBJECT to these slanderous remarks.


Pro Bowl Player
he is in his last year he wants a new contract
That's gonna be a problem for Wynn then since he hasn't earned a new contract. :poop:

From what I'm reading, Patricia is calling the run plays, Joe Judge the passing plays, and BB the 2 minute drill plays. It will be interesting to see if this pattern for play calls will continue through actual training camp and the regular season.

Mac Jones looking good and in better shape. :thumbsup: We're going to need him to step up his game for the Patriots to make the playoffs again. It's also notable that reports indicate he worked with Tom House [same guy who helps train Brady] in the offseason to work on his throwing.
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Longtime Pats fans who has seen every Pats QB develop and play but I've NEVER seen anything like this...
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