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Patriots new OC - Alex Van Pelt

I agree, imagine giving 3 first round picks plus to get a serial sex abuser

Why do we want a guy who got fired from the browns?

I like it because as other posts and reports have suggested, he's actually the man behind the curtain that made it all work. It can't get much worse than what we've experienced the last two years.. so let it rip.
Seeing many here pissing on this hire when most of the urinators know very little about Van Pelt, his reputation or his history with other organizations, is classic Patsfans. It seems important to clarify that Stefanski did not take away Van Pelt’s play call duty because of poor performance. Like several head coaches with a history as OCs, Stefanski has called the plays all four years that Van Pelt has been quarterbacks coach and OC. That shouldn’t be an indictment on Van Pelt, who apparently did have a critical role in developing the game plans and called plays when he was the OC of the Bills in the late 2000s. Members here have hard-ons for young coaches who have never called plays at any level. So, that is acceptable in young coach, who are all the rage right now, but not for a veteran coach with a very good reputation throughout the league, who has called plays in the NFL?

He lasted four years with the Browns, which wouldn’t have been the case, if Stefanski had been unhappy with his performance during his tenure there. We also don’t know the circumstances behind his firing. We’ve already established that it’s not his play-calling. It’s very possible that Van Pelt also for the opportunity to start calling plays, after four years of experience in Stefanski’s offense, but he was denied the opportunity and asked for his release. Firing him probably guaranteed his 2024 salary, in case he was unable to find a job. It’s also possible that Van Pelt already knew going into the off-season that he was never going to be able to call the plays under Stefanski and asked to be released, in order to pursue an OC job that would allow him the opportunity to call plays. Finally, it is possible that Van Pelt and the sexual assaulter did not get along, and they fired Van Pelt because they have no choice but to keep their wagon hitched to Watson, given his guaranteed contract.

Most posters here were excited about the possibility of changing to a McVay/Shanahan.
Well, Stefanski run a Shanahan-like offense. He is also familiar with the West Coast offense after working for years with Childress. Essentially, the Pats now have an OC with 4 years of experience in the Shanahan offense.

Other potential positives of this hire:

1. In my opinion, it would have been a big mistake to have the head coach, defensive coordinator, and offensive coordinator all be young coaches in their mid to late 30s. That sounds likep a recipe for failure.
2. One other thing that I was concerned about in terms of hiring one of these young “up-and-coming” coaches from the McVay or Shanahan tree is that there was a good chance that he would get hired away as a HC in a year or two, if they have success. That’s not a good thing for a young quarterback. Van Pelt is much less likely to be offered a head coaching job and, if he works out, offers more continuity.

Mayo, Groh and Wolfe clearly took their time with this OC search and likely did extensive research on all of the candidates. I am going to keep an open mind about Van Pelt and let his performance and the performance of the offense ultimately determine whether he was a good choice. po
I was an initial “WTF?!” reactor. Now that I’ve taken some time to look into it, read what others are saying etc, it’s not nearly as bad as I initially thought. I’m not excited, but not as doom and gloom. I’ll keep an open mind, wish him the greatest amount of success and look forward to seeing it all come together.
My takeaway is that players like him a lot and he does a good job, but the offense was only “good” at best with Watson, even though Watson hasn’t played a lot between suspensions and injuries. Despite being relatively successful overall, Browns ownership (not necessarily Kevin Stefanski) want more production out of their $250M guaranteed QB so they chose to retool the offensive coaching staff. Van Pelt was offered a “different role” (unknown what) but he declined and preferred to be let go instead so he could get a new job as an OC elsewhere. And here we are.
In Cinncy AVP worked under Zac Taylor who worked under McVay with the Rams.

In Cleveland AVP worked under Stefanski who worked with Gary Kubiak in Minnesota who worked with Mike Shannahan.

Basically, we got Shannahan and McVay.
In Cinncy AVP worked under Zac Taylor who worked under McVay with the Rams.

In Cleveland AVP worked under Stefanski who worked with Gary Kubiak in Minnesota who worked with Mike Shannahan.

Basically, we got Shannahan and McVay.
MIKE Shanahan, not Kyle. Get those sprintouts and bootlegs ready.
3 minute video from Kyles giving you some background and his viewpoint. He thinks it’s a great hire.

More useless info: Watching his QB highlights, he's got a weird frickin' release. Also always liked the name "Peerless Price."
If the pats suck next year, I won’t be surprised. If they dont, I will. Based on coaching stuff to this point.

Hope I’m very surprised
I don't know if this is still the case but, when Stefanski was first hired, the game plan was set by computer experts and handed to the HC for implementation. I am not sure how much autonomy Stefanski had/has. McD supposedly turned down the job because he couldn't call his own plays.
Why was he fired? Did the Browns not overachieve on offense this season?

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