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Patriots Lose Two OTAs Due To Rule Violation

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Oct 8th

Boston Boxer

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No contact, pads, blocking or tackling. Not too complex
It was only 2 years ago when pats had a camera in press box in Cincy and were docked a draft pick.
Does this seem like a well run organization to you?
you should really wait until you have all the info before going on a rant.


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Was listening to Zolak. Basically a player or players who are sick of Joe F’n Judge alerted the NFLPA to the violation.
So everyone is lying so far because the previous story being reported on by everyone else says the NFL office caught this on the schedule.

And we don't even know if Judge has that access.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
The opportunity some folks here take to freak out on every small infraction is getting ridiculous. ************.

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