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Sep 26th

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where is the problem? That's what a forum I for, to discuss things. People are not coming here to say Belichick does everything right, no need to have any discussions.

Btw I agree with the release of Hoyer.

Calling Belichick wrong is fine. He's human and has made mistakes.

Calling Belichick reckless is breathtakingly asinine.

At no point was I suggesting people should be prohibited from discussing something idk what tf you're on about there. Just if you make it sound like Belichick is shooting from the hip prepare to have your dumbassery called out.


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Yes, keeping the other 50 players, at the expense of the viable backup QB, was a needless gamble. That's not debatable. The gamble literally did not need to be made.

Hoyer is by all accounts a great teammate, is a good buddy of TB12 and seems to do a great job playing the role of the opposing QB in practice. Having said that, he was likely to once again be the least important player on the entire 53 man roster, assuming that Brady will again take every meaningful snap this year, given that even the backups will usually play an important special teams role.

Keeping 3 QBs on a stacked roster makes no sense. This is especially true when you have a rookie who is far more talented and who will likely give the team a better chance of winning than Hoyer sooner rather than later.

Exposing Gunner to the waiver wire would have been a gamble. Cutting a good guy who MAY still be a viable backup (do will really know this to still to be true?) and who approaching retirement age was not. 9 million guaranteed does not change the fact that although he may not be in the top tier of QB suckitude, Hoyer still kind of sucks. Bill made the correct choice.


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It’s great that he turned his life around after being dishonorably discharged for participating in the Code Red.

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My gut still says that Belichick is simply giving Rudy a few Game Day paychecks, with the rationale being that Edelman has had two injuries lately.


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My gut still says that Belichick is simply giving Rudy a few Game Day paychecks, with the rationale being that Edelman has had two injuries lately.

Do you think Rudy will return punts ?


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The moment you make that ridiculous claim, your entire argument becomes meaningless.

I was referring specifically to this stacked Pats roster and the three QBs who were candidates for the 53. Nice try though. Keep trying to justify your needless angst. I hope that your pillow can stay dry tonight. Ask Ma for an second helping of pudding for dessert. That may help.

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The possibility of Brady getting injured behind a veteran OL, given the 20 years sample size of incredible health other than one season, is almost certainly less than the possibility that Edelman will get injured on a punt return (concussion, re-injuring thumb, re-injuring foot), in my opinion.

If Edelman did suffer an injury during a punt return, the “Why the hell was Edelman returning punts when he is so valuable to Brady in the passing game?!” posts would fill multiple pages on this site. At some point in the season, maybe early on, maybe not, Gummer is likely to take over the punt return duties.

They have a need at the punt return and kickoff return position. It is fairly obvious that they have been trying to find someone to consistently give them production in the returner role for several years. In the coaches’ minds, Gunner could be a factor this season and the chances of him getting poached by another team were likely we fairly high.

In that sense, the decision to cut Hoyer and keep Gunner was neither foolish nor needless. A player with the elusiveness, innate vision and fearlessness that are necessary to be an elite returner is hard to fine. Based upon early returns, Gunner has that natural ability.

In addition, young QBs need reps in practice. Without Hoyer around, Stidham will hopefully improve at a faster rate.....the talent is there, the decision-making and pocket awareness needs to get better. Not having Hoyer around as a veteran to tutor him is a clear minus but hopefully Brady will be willing to act as a mentor as well.

I think the comparison is false because the third QB would not be on the game day roster of 46 and you are assuming the 53rd person on the roster would be active. You should be comparing the value of one inactive player to another. That’s one of the reasons I believe the 3rd QB is the best value.


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Only if Edelman is truly still injured. If he is 100%, then no.

I hope Gunner returns punts. Maybe it is my anxiety, but Edelman is a kamikaze like Gronk, and I want to see him last, so let's have Gunner to the "helicopter hits" on punt returns. I know that means Gunner has to be a game day active - so be it.
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