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OT: Vin Scully passes at 94

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Oct 9th
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Great legend in broadcasting...he called the Sox Mets series in 1986, including Mookie Wilson's epic at bat in game 6.
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Wow, seems like we're losing so many iconic figures recently.

Iconic is right. Nobody gets out of life alive, and with the advent of the internet a lot of these figures will never be fully gone. That said, who's replacing them? Who in the current generation of broadcasters and such are ready, or even able?

Look at Summerall and Madden. This duo was the benchmark for NFL Sunday for so many years. Summerall with his deadpan approach, Madden with his uncontrollable passion for the game. Vin Scully could work a game solo and keep you interested in it. Johnny Most had a voice more suited to 2AM conspiracy radio - until you heard "There's a steal by Bird!". How many folks can tackle a subject like racism, live it and fight it, yet still maintain a smile and a positive outlook - not to mention the grace and poise - as Bill Russell did?

Bah! Too maudlin for a Wednesday - gonna check out the Camp threads again.


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He called Dodger games from 1950 to 2016... remarkable. A class act... and a man of great faith. May the good Lord rest him and keep him.


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A MLB giant worthy of a football site tribute