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OT: PGA golfers joining rival tour

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Huh? You're saying that golfers that are part of the PGA tour aren't good enough to be professional golfers? Lol

No, guys like Hennie DuPlessis or Chase Koepka and the tweets that are praising LIV for the amount they’re paying a lot of these guys compared to their careers. Some guys just aren’t good enough to make a good living, that’s not the PGA tours fault. Charl has made $20 mil in his career, and has only won twice on tour. He’s made good money

It’s just something that bugs me



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Koepka latest to defect. Per Adam Schefter lol

Guess this was the reason why he didn't want to answer any questions about LIV at the US Open...



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Koepka latest to defect. Per Adam Schefter lol

Guess this was the reason why he didn't want to answer any questions about LIV at the US Open...

This is not surprising. Koepka has always had an issue with the Tour and it's restrictiveness.


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At least this way the Koepka v. Deshambeau feud can continue on the LIV.

Back to back US Open champion, the PGA might want to start rethinking their postions


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Koepka is already on the downhill side of his career. Smart move by him as the young guns have passed him by. He might now be able to win another tournament or two.


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Koepka has ALWAYS BEEN about "ME", He's a fkn Douche.
He wants guaranteed $ and wins, which he'll be able to get in a WEakass field... he'll TRASH most of those guys...
You just described every single athlete in all of professional sports.


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PGA working on 8 "Top 50 only" tournaments starting in 2023....$20 mill purse for each.

Interestingly, the purse for this year's US Open, the sport's most prestigious tournament, was $17.5 mill

Phil was right.
PGA has been stiffing its players for years.
Suddenly, $160 mill gets added with 8 new purses larger than golf's most important tournament.

Guess the jig is up for the PGA suits
Can't blame the players for being fed up with the organization diverting tournament revenues to finance PGA land development schemes across the country for decades at the players' expense.

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There is a judge out there that would likely rule that the PGA does not have the right to limit earning opportunities for players who are in fact 1099 employees....aka....Independent Contractors.....regardless of the agreed upon rules by the members.

Note: The IRS generally refers to 1099 employees as "non employees"

Regarding the Fed Ex, Ryder Cup, and Majors exclusions that are only a matter of time, I can hear Greg Norman now.....

"If the plan is to exclude half of the Major championship winners over the past 6 years from these premier events, just slap an asterisk on these results right now because these aren't championships, they're watered-down swill with the potency of a placebo"

And how about Davis Love's solution:
Get the PGA players to boycott the majors if LIV players are allowed in.
I can only imagine the panic by the TV broadcasters and PGA suits if such a boycott took hold
While I believe the future of LIV will be short lived, I absolutely believe all PGA players should be guaranteed a minimum salary/and or a weekly stipend given that these pros perform in front of paying audiences and on TV/streaming Thursdays and Fridays.

The PGA commissioner must be laughing all the way to the bank why the NFL, MLB, NHL, and the NBA don't adopt the "only pay the winners" PGA model. "Dummies!"

Being designated a 'pro' but not receiving any guaranteed direct compensation is a model past its prime, especially given the exorbitant weekly expenses incurred by every tournament participant ($8K ave) not to mention the exorbitant revenues the PGA is now taking in.

Hell, in college sports, being designated an amateur and not getting paid is now a major contention and the public is slowly shifting its position on amateurism.
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