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OT: my brother is in the ICU (update 9/17, Setting Sail for Parts Unknown)

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Oct 24th

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Harvard was named after his maternal grandfather, Harvard D Salisbury, who served in Europe in WWII as a bridge engineer but died of a stroke in his early 50s.

There was also a son of that Harvard, named Harvard D salisbury Jr who died as an infant.

I think we kinda need to be done naming kids Harvard in this family. That name and longevity just don't seem to go together.

denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
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Sorry for your loss. Be thankful for the time you had with him on this earth. Be thankful you could be there to comfort him at the end. Not all of us can be there for our loved ones.


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I'm so sorry to hear this...sorry for your loss Simpleton

patfanken Supporter Supporter
Thank you for allowing us to share in your brother's fight. I think in death he has left you a powerful legacy that you will now have to live up to. You have documented his gallant struggle well. Now, if you truly want to honor him. do it by living your own life as courageously as he did. And if you do and pass that lust for life on to your own family, your brother will live on for generations.

Mourn now knowing your Patsfans family is here to support you as much as we can. But remember the legacy and strive to live up to it and your brother will always be with you.


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I’m very sorry for your loss. Your family gave all their love and support.

jlu52 Supporter Supporter
Sorry for your loss, S. Praying for Harvard's peace and comfort, and also for you and your family.


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So sorry Simpleton, you guys are all in my prayers. It’s never easy, but keep your head up and stay strong for your folks. Very important to continue support each other and pull together in these times. Sounds like he gave it his all.
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My condolences, hope you find peace and happiness again soon.


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Sorry to hear the news Simpleton ,I dont know what to say other than echo what has been said already. May your family all find comfort and peace in the days to come.


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So sorry for your loss :crying: terrible to hear. Your patsfans family is here for you.