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OT: Favorite interactions with casual fans

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This story isn't a personal interaction, but what I was told by a sales rep at work years ago.

Back in 2010, he and his wife went to a neighbor's house in Texas for Thanksgiving. As they eat lunch, they're watching the Pats-Lions game and the neighbor's wife (at a point in the game when the Pats were somewhat struggling) commented: "You know, the Patriots just haven't been very good since Drew Bledsoe left." Apparently the husbands gave each other a look of agreement to leave that one alone.

It's still to this day the worst hot take I've ever heard. For her to know who Drew Bledsoe was but be so monumentally wrong beyond that was hilarious to hear.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I love my 91 year old Mother in Law, but she is second generation Irish with a bit of a temper who likes to stir the pot when she gets bored or feels like she isn’t the center of attention. Although she knows practically nothing about football (and during games she is peppering me with questions about what a two point conversion is, why the ball is turned over during a recovered fumble or interception, etc. etc.) she routinely roots for the opposite team when I watch football to stir the pot and get attention. That is OK, I am an adult and routinely handle it with no problem, and hopefully with humor.

Then one year she happened to be staying with us during the Super Bowl when the Pats were barely beat by the Eagles. Despite my best attempts she insisted on watching the game with me, keeping up a constant monolog of comments and questions (about why they kicked a field goal, etc.) and shrieking in delight when the Eagles made a good play and even more when they eventually won. Despite my hopefully successful attempts to maintain good humor, I have to say that I’ve insisted on not having her visit on Super Bowl weekend ever since. ;)
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