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OT: Due to financial issues I am looking to sell my gently-used Silicon Wife.

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My lease isn't up until Feb so it won't be before then. I'm on the fence about it for covid reasons that I'd rather not argue about.

On this forum, you will be respected and well regarded for having a Covid opinion, even if there’s disagreement.

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Japanese Sex Doll - Lana - 148 cm – Silicon Wives

I will clean prior to shipping unless otherwise requested. The only issue is that the doll's lip paint is faded for reasons.

I am including cleaning devices, an unused 2nd canal, and tampons gratis to the winner of the auction. She will be shipped in her original packaging. I swapped the original hair out for a pink wig.

I paid $1600 for this on sale, I'd like to start the bidding at $25 plus shipping.

Please only serious replies. I have permission from the Constitution to post this.
Can a prospective buyer take her out for a test drive, and does she come with a patch kit? Asking for a friend.