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OT: Due to financial issues I am looking to sell my gently-used Silicon Wife.

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Dec 6th

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Gentle used? She you're saying your doll is a freaking prude not into the rough stuff? Not interested!

You disgust me, sir. I will reject any bid you make out of hand as you are not fit to receive this lady in your life.


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Started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. ****’s actually pretty good. Sometimes the way it’s filmed reminds me of a cross between a Stanley Kubrick movie and “Children of Men.”


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After the last fiasco we need to further discuss shipping.

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Long answer: They were unwilling to vaccinate her due to prioritizing non-silicon entities. I encourage you to engage with your representatives if you find this as ignorant as I do.
does not being vaccinated mean she must quarantine before I can properly greet her? I don’t want her to give me a virus!