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OT Damien Harris Embraces His Coach Post-Game

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I've had this thought for awhile but not sure where to put it. Damien Harris has consistently displayed leadership since he's been here. Guy is all about winning, is positive, fearless as a runner, a future Captain in my opinion. Possible guy to take the mantle for post-game speeches when Slater hangs it up. Rodney Harrison attitude at RB. Here's a nice exchange he has with Ivan Fears as the game ends.

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I hope that was not a farewell hug with Fears retiring ?? basis on my comment but it would be a disaster if he was hanging up the clipboard.


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Harris also called McDaniels a “rock star” and “one of the most brilliant offensive minds in the league.”


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One of the best runnings backs in the league. Injury prone which in turn makes him the perfect lead back in a RBBC.

I hope we can roster both He and Rhamondre for years in a RBBC beyond his rookie contract. It's going to be interesting to see how that plays out...will Rham do to Harris what Harris did to Michel? Or have we finally found our horses and now we fill the receiving back void?

Also shout out to Fears..if it's over of the best, thankful to have been able to see his work.
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