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OT: Casual Chat Thread [UPDATED] - 4/7/21 - (No Politics!)

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Pick Results: NE: 83.1% at BUF: 16.9%

Dec 6th

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I have AMC Theaters 1 Free Large Popcorn and 1 Free Large Fountain Drink coupons. Coupons can be printed or saved to your phone to show the cashier the barcodes. First reply that wants them I will pm the links to.
That might put them out of business.


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Just been in the relaxing. Taken it easy. Working out despite the world going on lately with the pandemic. Making it positive one day at a time.


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Just got back from Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Way better than the 2016 garbage and I'll be glad to add this to the now Ghostbusters quadrilogy (GB, GB 2, GB: The Video Game, and Afterlife).
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the Fuck thought they could delete my original thread and make that manlet @Kontradiction the OP??!?!?!

This is an official notice as a Sovereign Citizen: I am suing and the Mod who made this miscarriage of justice.