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OT: Awesome job everybody


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If I don't get Lombardi Trophies clicked on that one ^^ I am seriously going to be very disappointed in y'all.


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Has anyone else noticed that it's very difficult to find a pic of the ATT girl that shows her entire body? Every pic out there of her is just from the waist up. And there's a reason for that. She's got a very large and unattractive butt and thighs. In the old days we called them thunder thighs. There are so many better all-around beauties out there that you guys can fawn over. Why her?

There are a million perfect beauties out there with the perfect rack, bum-bum, legs, face, etc. and I would agree Lily isn't one of them.

Lily has the quirky/nerdy/cute thing going which makes her hot in her own way.

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We've covered why her already, but in case you missed it, I will go over it again.

Back in the day, there was an Aaron Rodgers thread that discussed his off the field love interests, speculated on his "tastes" and eventually just evolved into a thread of posts of pretty girls. Somehow, don't ask me how we got there I don't remember, either @RobertWeathers or I posted a picture of her. If I had to guess, it was either a response to someone thinking she was linked to him or maybe just some random thing we did as an offshoot of a Ginger vs Mary Ann discussion that had also taken place. (Mary Ann BTW) Doesn't really matter. Some other guys jumped in on it and it became a thing. So now, anytime there's a Aaron Rodgers thread, we post Lily. She's like a mascot of sorts, just a random why-the-hell-is-Lily-in-this-thread thing. Robert and I did discuss dropping her, and a couple other guys wouldn't hear of it, so she sticks around. Now you know.

As far as fawning over her, I wouldn't say that has anything to do with it. It's funny. I am sorry you missed the humor of it, but that actually makes it funnier IMO. Is she the most beautiful thing? No. She's reasonably attractive, and yes, she's a little thicker than say Gisele. Whatever. She doesn't need to be a size zero. She's the Aaron Rodgers Thread Official Hijack Spokeswoman. She's ours, and...

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You can take Lily's name out yo mouth.
All right, I'll leave you guys alone.

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Just wanted to say all of you guys have done a great job in catching stuff that's going on and breaking out the rumors, signings, etc. from the bulk thread, which is what I was hoping we'd be able to do since it makes it easier to scan and see all the moves. It's been a fun week so far, and I really appreciate the effort and everyone helping out. :)
This is pretty much what I did.
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