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OT: A "useful" rating!

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captain stone

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Also added "interesting", "wow" and "disagree" and changed the icon on Winner.

Gone are dislike, genius and angry.
I miss genius, but I'll make Wow! work for the same purpose. I still like The Captain's previous idea from an earlier thread of merging like with agree.
Yeah the Like & Agree icons serve basically the same purpose, but I'll absolutely take it with the new setup...Thanks Ian!

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I like the switch in the thanks icon.. the beers clicking didnt reflect it for me personally..
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I like the switch in the thanks icon.. the beers clicking didnt reflect it for me personally..
Someone else also mentioned that it wasn’t appropriate for those who don’t drink, so I definitely understood and wanted to change it. The new one absolutely seemed more fitting :)

Smileys will be done this weekend. There are more of those, so I need more time but I don’t have to work this weekend so I should be able to button a lot of things up heading into Sunday.


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We definitely needed a "useful". I don't drink, liked the beers but definitely don't want anyone triggered by that so I don't mind at all there. I liked the old winner though compared to Nike the dog, that is the winner, correct?

Love the new look although I'm still getting kicked out the box every time I hit the delete/X button. Which can be frustrating but I'm assuming that's only happening to me bc I haven't heard anyone else mention it. Probably my old ****ty phone. I always wait to the last minute getting a new one.

I really appreciate the forum. Twitter is good at times but it's quick. It's not very thoughtful. Posting here is a lot different.
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