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Official Week 1 Starting QB Prediction

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Who starts week 1? (Not who you want to start but who you think will start)

  • Cam Newton

    Votes: 70 62.5%
  • Mac Jones

    Votes: 19 17.0%
  • Ray Lewis definitely murdered a man

    Votes: 23 20.5%

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Just curious to see who everyone thinks Bill will end up going with as there does seem to be a lot of different opinions. I would like Mac to start but I think it will end up being Cam for about a month or so. Hoping we can be around 2-2 when Mac takes over and we can see what he's got.


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Mac worked his butt off and did everything he had to this week to reassure people. Kid is a keeper. A matter of when not if for Mac. Mac will throw INTs and make mistakes but he studies hard and reduces repeat errors. I love that Mac is a super nerd who studies not only the offensive playbook but apparently the defensive plays now too. This week was the nightmare scenario for Cam. Absolutely surreal that Cam shot himself in the foot. Toxic Media is going to be on overdrive the next week.

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Barring an injury to Cam, there is no way BB starts Mac before week 5. He will avoid the Brady versus Jones at all costs.


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I can see Bill not announcing anything right up to the last minute. Make the Dolphins prepare for two very different QB's.
I think the starting QB needs to be available to the media the Wednesday before the game so I would guess that will be the giveaway.
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my thoughts as well. I say Mac will be the week 5 starter
Yep, before the recent COVID protocol screw-up (which I thought might be a game changer and piss off BB...but I guess not) I also thought week 5 was likely. Starting week 5 the opponents are: Texans, Cowboys, Jets, Chargers, Panthers, Browns. That is at least three non-fearsome defenses for a rookie QB's first three starts, and maybe a couple of more, depending on how much the Chargers pass rush improves.
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Same. I wonder if BB has a legit concern that Jones’ body wouldn’t last 17 games as a rookie.
I think that is a valid concern, Mac was a painfully thin freshman (180lbs) who managed to put on some weight by his senior year, but his body is still not at the development level of most veteran NFL QBs. No less than Brady said his body wasn't ready his rookie season. Different players physically mature at different rates. I'm sure Mac will be fine in a year or two.

But, as you say, I also wonder if he could last a full 17 games. Unless Cam gets injured (hopefully not) or absolutely stinks it up (and in fairness he has looked much better this year), I would rather see Mac on the bench until game 5 (Texans) or 6 (Cowboys).
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