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Oct 2nd
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My initial thoughts on tonights scrimmage.

1. I really dislike the fact that this will be the first real hitting these guys have had. Pardon me for musing, but back in the day we would be hitting in camp HARD for more than 2 weeks before we had a preseason game. So sure I worry about injuries going into the game, and I worry about them more because of the way these guys are coddled to the point throwing into a game situation with having their bodies prepared for the conflict they will be participatingin.

2. As for the game it self and what I will be looking for, I'll be closely watching the big boys, the guys on the OL and DL's. I want to see if Barmore and Godcheaux can anchor and disrupt the middle as I hope they will do this season. A lot of people poo-pooed the PFF grades of Godcheax, and a lot were outraged by his extension. Well in this camp (so far) God has popped on many occasions and has looked worthy of that extension. Let's see if it translates on to the field in a Game situation.

3. The OL has been the issue of the day given the new blocking system (which might not be so new, given Dante's remarks) They SHOULD be the focus for all of us to watch over all of the preseason games. Are the improving? Are they cohesive? And of course, is the running game effective? VERY important to realize this is a work in progress, so I'm not looking for much in this game. THIS game will create the baseline of what we HOPE we will see as we move forward.

4. Of course I'm looking forward to see the new LB look. I'll be looking to see how they fill, and their angles to the ball. Also it will be interesting to see how this new found speed translates into better underneath coverage.

5. My biggest worry now is how the CB's look. THAT however is almost impossible on network TV. Hopefully a few replays will give us a least a glimpse of what is going on with this group.

6. Note that Mac Jones and the receivers are rather low on this list. That is because I doubt we see him get more than on series in this game, if that. So in a game where the subs will play a lot, watching the QB play and receivers isn't going to tell us a lot about the offense going forward.

7. So all in all, this will be a nice scrimmage and ANY football is good football for us game starved nation of fan. However that being said, I caution fans NOT to read into the results of this game, rather that to look at individuals and how they are doing in their match ups to judge the players not the team. They are NOT a team yet. It is too early in the process for them to be a team. THAT is something I'll be hoping to see develop as the preseason goes on.

So tonight we feast. Football is back and the fun begins a new. then tomorrow we can all spew our hopes and fears about this team and where they are in the great scheme of things.
You know that most of the people you're interested in aren't going to play, right?

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Thornton, Nixon and Wilkerson eh, guess we'll get a long look at them.
I wouldnt want it any other way... let's get a look at the binkies, only thing I'm afraid of is that the O-line doesn't get Zapppe/Hoyer enough time to judge by
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