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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Saints beat the Pats

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Stubbornness not to shuffle the OL.

Trading SMichel was a terrible plan. Could have had the best 1-2 punch in the league, but now you have JJ and Bolden.

If you're going to make an example of RStev for fumbling, then make JSmith inactive for a couple weeks. He sucked today, let D Asiasi get a chance.


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Not a good football team with not many avenues to improve moving forward. They are still mediocre after spending $175+ million.

The offense has been bad 3 years in a row with Tom, Cam & Mac. Someone has to be accountable.

Doesn't usually work out for teams when they go on a spending spree in the off-season.

BB is has be accountable for this offense.


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That was as bad as any loss last year. Maybe worse than them all.

This team is really gonna have 3 home losses 3 days into October.

There's no words

Jim Beankie

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Oh good gravy. Glad I decided to spend the extra time with an old friend in person versus rushing home to watch the game live. Watched the whole thing in 2x speed (except good Pats plays), but it wasn't fast enough. The way the OLine is going, we may see Cam start before the end of the season. Come this Saturday though, I'll be back to thinking we'll be a 2 score win over the Bucs.


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Here. Let's try that again. And mods or whoever removed it, PM me as to why it was removed. Okay thanks.

My prediction for next week?


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If Smith could actually catch footballs this would've been a far different game.

OL was a dumpster again. Praying Brown returns next week and helps fix the unit up but I doubt just his presence will resolve all their issues. Mac getting hit far too often, I am almost afraid to look up the hit/pressure totals.

Considering the above two issues, Mac played well. He's a rookie and showed well all-things-considered. Wish for better playcalling in the red zone from Josh. Losing White sucks. The defense was a little hot-and-cold but were mostly good outside of their multiple blown coverages on that single early drive. Can't fault them TOO much at the end - they were clearly gassed. Offense was going 3-and-out way too often.
For the most part he played well, but there were at least three throws that if i didn't know it was MJ i would have thought it was Cam that threw them they were so far off target.


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Wait - what!?
I think he had more big plays this game than any other. He made more mistakes and bad plays, but he pushed himself and some great plays were made. You can't be afraid of your young QB making mistakes. Don't put him in position to fail, but the idea we can wrap him up in bubble wrap and baby him an that he will grow is insane. He was pushed and forced to make some plays this game, and he did. I think that's a good thing, be nice to win though.


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Mac looked a lot better than his stats suggest, but it was still his worst game to me in terms of accuracy and (to a lesser extent) decision making.

He's also the least of my concerns. This offensive line is early 2014 levels of bad and needs a change. It worked in 2014 when we shuffled the guards around and put Wendell in the lineup over Devey, and I think we're looking at a very analogous move with Onwenu to RT and Karras to LG. Please, for the love of god, never start Herron or Durant again.

Our big contracts for passing game targets look very questionable right now. Jonnu and Henry are undeniably upgrades over what we've had in recent years, but so far haven't lived up to $12.5M/year. Agholor has been fine, but again, not $13M level play. Could just be a matter of all the new faces still building chemistry, so I'll withhold major judgment for now.

The defense is inconsistent, and it's not just about the run defense. Jameis was able to pass pretty effectively to a WR group our corners (on paper) should have dominated. At least we have Gilmore coming back at some point.

Then there's all the penalties, which seemingly came at exclusively the worst moments. This might not be an anomaly considering what happened against Miami, but at least it's theoretically correctable. Only thing I can't wrap my head around is Bailey having a bad game for the first time in human history.

I just listed a lot of complaints, but you might notice I also paired each of them with a potential solution or reason to believe it could improve. Not all of those solutions will be implemented. Some will be implemented and not work. We'll see. This team has a ton of work to do both short and long term, but least we switched from fumbles to interceptions this week.

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Here. Let's try that again. And mods or whoever removed it, PM me as to why it was removed. Okay thanks.

My prediction for next week?

I agree, i see a lot of pain for the pats and the GDT, but this is the type of game BB has won in the past. I wouldnt doubt after watching TB for twenty years he has some insight on how to slow him down.
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Wait - what!?
I'm a bit confused as well. If we're being honest they didn't ask and do a lot of the first two games.

Today they needed him to throw the ball and he has 2 interceptions that were his fault, a ton of overthrows and a ton of 50/50 balls and ended with 55 QB rating.


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I agree, but this is the type of game BB has won in the past. I wouldnt doubt after watching TB for twenty years he has some insight on how to slow him down.

He obviously meant pain for the Patriots. Otherwise he's eating the apple pie.