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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

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This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
The offense was ****ing atrocious and Patricia must be removed from play calling duties.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved that return from Marcus Jones to win it. Very exciting and the defense was good as we can expect them to be.

But let’s not bury the primary story. Our offense sucks and we can’t go anywhere if it remains this way. Something has to change.
The primary story isn’t that they won on a last second punt return td? Or that the Pats held the Jets to less than 200 yards?

Defense and special teams matter.

The offense is only the primary story if that’s the only thing you pay attention to.


Pro Bowl Player
Listen, Mac had around 250 yds passing. That's the good part. IMO the bad was his pocket decisions weren't great. On a couple of sacks he if he had been able to drop and throw in time he would have avoided about half the sacks. But he was probably trying to avoid the bad play and got too cautious. He was also dealing with 2 OL go out DURING the game and a 3rd one playing hobbled.

Offense isn't that far away
3 points. What do you mean the offense isn’t far away? :rofl:


Pro Bowl Player
What a win!!! Marcus Jones!!!!!

Our defense was incredible!!!! Offense and line need to get better!!! Win win and go to 6-4.

I love it!!!!! Hate the jets and this feels great!!!!!

Let's discuss!!!!!
One of the ugliest wins in Pats history but a W is still a W…..can’t do this against a better team and this OL is putrid. Lucky to get out with the win….Defense played AWESOME and deserves the game ball!


Standin' Pat
Gotta say, with 2 more games within the next 11 days against two of the best teams in the league, with our current OL…no bueno. Anyways, go PATS!