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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Colts beat the Pats

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Harry sucked so bad that he had the grab that got them back into the game. He also would have had that ball if Sendejo hadn't hit him in the head early. Harry was also WIDE OPEN on the flea-flicker.
Jones just didn't have the time on that one. That was one of the more slow-developing trick plays I've seen in a while. Great call, just wasn't executed as well as it could have been.

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You sure about Taylor? He must have just lived off the Wisconsin effect in college, too, riding those OL to the record books. C'mon, man. He's a great player. Exceptional speed, good power, nice vision. I do agree about the one dimensional offense, though. Wentz is not very good.

Unfortunate that a few key mistakes went against us, but let's hope this lights a fire under them for the rest of the season.

Of course he’s a great running back, going by college standards. I’m not saying this guy doesn’t belong in the league or isn’t a good NFL running back. I’m just pointing out he’s fairly replaceable, as his backups run wild too. He isn’t Adrian Peterson or Derrick Henry clearly on another level. He’s solid…good speed, elusiveness, power...but not elite in any area. He’d be another running back on 30 teams. The Colts offensive line is spectacular at run blocking. Those holes are huge.


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Well the old #54 suffered its first defeat but I’ve got a feeling there’s a few more wins left in it. I very much would look forward to a playoff game in Foxboro (or not) against these Colts. Credit to them for a good game but certainly not a clean game with all that headhunting going on. Two penalties and one of them an offsetting penalty?! Yeah right… Raise your Banner now Indy - got a feeling it’ll be your only chance to raise one!

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Another NYFL ref job. Bolden not out of bounds and a free path to the endzone, countless helmet to helmet hits not called, straight call from NY on the Duggar ejection when Pittman was throwing punches and his helmet was loose. Indy had 1 non-offsetting penalty the whole game.
The Harry play was both pass interference (contact was absolutely before the ball) and a helmet to helmet. They missed both.


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IMHO this loss is on the offense,special teams and coaching. Defense did their job except the last Colts td. I am sure they were gassed by then.

Until that run, the defense only allowed 13 points, and 3 off a short field due to the turnover. Offense needed to get in gear sooner; you'd like to think you can put up more than 17 in a game like this. Ah well.


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I did not like that field goal instead of going for the TD. If that was closer to the beginning of the fourth quarter than 1/3 of the way in, bit more acceptable. But not with only 10 minutes left and you still have to score on two more possessions.


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There was ONE special teams mistake. Saying that they sucked overall is just stupidity..

That's not true. Besides the blocked punt, they also messed up on the missed FG with a penalty and gave them another shot. They fumbled the ball that luckily went out of bound. And the pooch kick at the end by Folk was laughably bad and turned out to be worse than just kicking it in the end zone. They had lots of mistakes.


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Harry sucked so bad that he had the grab that got them back into the game. He also would have had that ball if Sendejo hadn't hit him in the head early. Harry was also WIDE OPEN on the flea-flicker.

I look forward to a bottom dweller team taking a chance on this bust and losing even more games. Maybe McD can trade for him at his next stop like he did for Maroney.



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Oh ffs. Here are some things that are not the case:

1) Buffalo is not must-win (but it sure wouldn't hurt, especially if we want control of our own destiny)
2) This was a loss, and it was sloppy. It wasn't "shameful"
3) This wasn't the worst game ever played and it sure wasn't the best. We showed some toughness after it was too late, and we were too sloppy for that "never quit" character to get us the win

Damn people. Don't yall ever say "Well, that sucks, we lost after the bye" rather than need it to be a moral scandal that we lost? Damn, did your dad catch your mom with another guy during a Pats game when you were a kid?

We lost the damn game it wasn't the feckin holocaust.


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I don't even wanna hear don't wine about the refs in this one. Yes the bad punt was a game changer but 3 Helmet to helmet hits not called was worse. That said Taylor should be MVP this year. He is an absolute game changer. The only time I can think of when a team has to absolutely design there game around an individual player was prime Gronk. I remember pulling for Indy when they played the Bills and thinking,,, Wow how are we going to stop Indy in the future with this guy,,, . I think we can, but it wont be easy, and we can't do it if the refs are on there side.
We beat this team even with his good play if we don't make all the mental mistakes.


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As bad as we played, we still had chances. Our short yardage and redzone offense is our achilles heel. Our offense also felt off without Harris. His style of running would've been useful in this game.


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I’m surprised the defense struggled so badly against a one dimensional offense.

Jonathan Taylor is the most overrated player in the NFL. Seems like a good guy and he’s a solid running back, but he does nothing special and the offensive line is 80% of the production.
Nothing special? Come on man. He set up the blocks, had the vision to see the lanes, and pushed when he had to. Not to mention, the MF’er had some nasty blocks too!!


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The blocked punt for TD. The red zone interception. The false start at the one by Owenu. The penalty on missed FG. The sneak allowed at 4th and 1 when we needed the time. The missed tackle by Hightower for the TD by Taylor. The missed interception for pick-6 by Collins. Missed interception by Jackson. Bolden getting stopped from running the ball in when he wasn't out of bounds.

All that killed the Pats.

I loved the heart Mac showed tonight.

well said. Colts are a team that can win games especially with the home game crowd. So making these mistakes made the chance of winning the game a bridge too far.
Biggest disappointment, besides the outright mistakes, was the lack of adjustment on run D until the second half. Just a marginal improvement in the run D in the first half would have been a BFD. Patriots have to be in full alert mode at this point. That's two games in the last month where a team just steamrolled the Patriots' run D. Once can be chalked up as an individual any given Sunday, two makes it a full fledged concern.

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We lost that game on first down defensively all night. Too many third and shorts.

But I liked how the D stiffened up…we allowed 20 points with the last TD being a simple missed tackle with no safety help.

Losing Agholor hurt a lot as was not going to N’Keal Harry earlier, IMO.
10 were on a blocked punt and a fg after a turnover at the -20 and a total stop from there

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"After the bye" weeks always worry me.

Oh well, I'm taking this loss a lot better than I thought.

Mac, and this whole roster got us further than I ever figured.

We're still in it.


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Jonnu Smith 1 catch, 2 yds.. Very Sad...

Colts did to Patriots what the Patriots did to the Bills... Keep running and have QB sit back with 5 completions...

The offensive play calling in 1st half was pretty awful..

Bills come to town. Patriots better shape up.


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The weather nerds I follow are saying white Christmas for Boston and very cold weather. so if true that means it'll be sub freezing for the Bills game....will coach Bill let Mac throw more than 3x?