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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

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Oh, here we go. Why are you wasting time here, don't you have some Easy Chair Arians tweets to monitor?


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Just got back from the game, left a bit early as someone (ahem) had had it with both the cold and the game.

The defense really needs a talent overhaul. I've long been saying that Hightower is probably in his last season, but seeing McCourty move pre-snap live, which I don't usually catch on the TV, it is sad. McCourty is one of the greatest Patriots in history. Maybe a first team safety in the history of the franchise. But there's a reason McKenzie seems to only have big pays against the Patriots. You can see McCourty diagnosing what McKenzie is about to do, McCourty predicts it, but he takes forever to accelerate and his top speed isn't good enough.

Phillips, Dugger, Barmore. Maybe Perkins.

A miracle if we get some from Uche I guess.

Don't know what's going to happen with JC Jackson.

But the rest of the D needs a huge infusion of talent. CB, S, DE, all the LBs.

Damn, that sounds sad, maybe it is time for him to retire, time to go the coaching route, he will always be a great patriot in team history.


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Disgusted. I don't like the lack of heart and effort. To me that leads to coaching. I'm not crazy about Bill's kids on the staff. It's been down hill since they've been given roles.. Bill is "setting up" his kids future at the cost of the team. Just my pissed off, angry opinion

A little sprinkle of McCourty wouldn't hurt either
I agree, Steveareno has no business calling plays he sucks at it. Went in playing man last two games vs Buffalo like he’s trotting out the trip of Gilmore, JC, and Jones.
The moron has JC, beyond jag Bryant, and bust Williams and thinks somehow it’s gonna work this time.


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Desperately could use a Nakobe Dean type but won just enough games to be out on game-changers like that.


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Bill is nothing without Brady as it stands today. The dynasty was all about #12, always was and will be.

All tho I don't agree with that completely, I think belichick personally cost this team at least 1 SB against the eagles. Personally. Nobody can convince me playing malcolm wouldn't have resulted in at least a slightly better outcome... And that day, slightly was all we needed with tom brady playing out of his mind.


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Mac's taking the hit for his WR.

Agholor didn't bother fighting for the ball, choosing to just go for an over-the-shoulder basket catch. Had he reached for the ball, he'd have gotten it, and gotten the TD.
I don’t think he saw Micah. And to be fair, I thought that was just an absolutely amazing play by Micah.


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One bright spot in this is knowing exactly what your measure is. A close loss would possibly cover up some of this stench.
I expect as many UDFAs as draft picks making this team next year; maybe more. A huge influx of fresh legs, blood, desire, and coachable players is needed and I expect just that.