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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

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Hammer of Thor Supporter Supporter
Judon basically saying at his presser that they tried to fix their corrections from the last game but Buffalo was too good.

Also saying that while team didn’t lose focus when they were doing well, they didn’t recognize they needed to focus more as they now have a target on their back. Didn’t take that step up.


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I’m not going to get way into it right now because the loss sucks, but to all the people talking about building around Mac, a bright future, the core of the team, etc…the team went all-in this year with the offseason with a record spending spree and backloaded most of the deals. Henry, J. Smith, Judon, etc. will cost much more next year…even with the cap, the Patriots are structured to maintain the team with cap maneuvering and not to fill a lot of holes. That’s the thing with a free agent frenzy like this…the problems often don’t become apparent until down the road when all the money is tied up. This is absolutely not a team in year one of a three year plan where you’d expect them to automatically improve. They have their work cut out for them, big time.
yeah, i think we're in trouble and i dont see bill winning another ring here.

most greats go out not so great. what it is

Ice_Ice_Brady Supporter Supporter
It's clear from your demonstrated loyalties where you're coming from and why you're posting that in this thread. Most would agree with your statement in general but no, tonight did not prove that. It's a team game and half the Patriots did not show up for multiple reasons.

Josh Allen played at a ridiculous level. We can sit around all offseason and dissect the game and overreact about the defense, but Allen dominated out there and was making filthy throws, often into tight coverage.

Unless you have a an outlier, historic defense, usually a great QB will be able to have his way with you.


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Wow. Bill. Any comment on how your team and coaching staff showed up in Buffalo. Mac played great and it's going to be a long long off-season. Well it's better than last year. I guess we are building.


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Only fans (and there were many here) who went stupid out of their senses at 9-4 despite huge flashing red warning signs that this team was very flawed should be mad about this. Or surprised. This was a 9-10 win quality team. After 2-4 I figured it would be worse so credit to the team for coming out of that death spiral but they were never great. Big foundational changes need to be made and no I don’t mean at QB, Mac was fine and good overall for the year.

Sam Bam Cunningham

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Bills upcoming Inspiring speech; we got outplayed, outcoached in every facet of the game. we simply di dnot make enough plays.

I take fulll responsibility. Its been a good run Pats fans, Time for me to back too the giants as president of football operations.

Good luck with MAC


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Omfg. I can finally post!!! Whelp, that’s it for me guys. Late and frustrating night. Gonna start hopping over to the draft forum!


The only thing slower than our defense was this site's server. Both need some serious work this off season.
100% agree. It’s been a few years so it’s clearly time again, and given how frustrating tonight was, I’ll inquire about getting a couple of things upgraded to hopefully handle things better moving forward.

My son kept me updated because I didn’t watch a snap of tonight’s game, which I guess ended up being for the best since I got back late and immediately started dealing with this. But this will definitely be addressed at some point this offseason as soon as I’m able to do so.

Hammer of Thor Supporter Supporter
Like I said not worried about Mac this was his first playoff game it wasn’t a great one but it was certainly not why we lost. Great experience for him amd he will not want a repeat of this next year.
The key for the longest time has been how he’ll respond this offseason. He’s proven he’s an NFL capable QB. The question is if he can take what he learned and turn himself into a good one. We won’t know the answer until this time next year. Maybe not then either; Josh Allen looked like a bust until season 3 when he took the leap.

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Most would agree with your statement in general but no, tonight did not prove that.



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This team needs at least one player on every level, on both sides of the ball, with the possible exceptions of QB and RB.
Agreed. It was painful to see the D beaten one on one and hardly any playmakers on O.