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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

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Pats exceeded expectations and have nothing to be ashamed of. The Bills are the better team. Pats aren’t ready. I’m glad they at least made it to the playoffs.

With that being said, this game is a great example why team statistics can be overrated like the people on here pushing “points per game”. Their lack of talent on D was badly exposed. Lots of needs this offseason.


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Amazing that I watched all of it to the very end. That was torture. BB needs to correct some mistakes he has allowed to happen and the first starts with his son. That was a terrible defense they put out there. It first got exposed during the Houston game, then the Cowboys game and finally today, they out did themselves.

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The Pats have some nice building blocks to build around on offense (Jones, Harris, Stevenson, and Bourne). I am hoping Judon‘s decline was injury related and he will be a dominant force again next year. I assume they franchise Jackson and Jones will be back. Barmore, Phillips, and Dugger are youth pieces of the defense to build around. But they need to totally rebuild the LB corp. Hopefully, the red shirted rookies will turn into something. But they need youth and speed.

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This is a tough ending to an otherwise good season. Not many would have thought we would have made the playoffs with a rookie qb. I think Mac is definitely our future. Our defense was as bad as I can remember though. We'll need to upgrade our secondary, add a big body in the middle and add more speed to our LB.

This wasn't competitive today....hats off to the Bills, they were the better team. Josh Allen was too good.

This team has some decisions to we bring back Hightower, McCourty, Van Noy, Collins, Bentley, Trent Brown, Karras?

Overall, this was a successful season and we have some young talented players to build with, namely Mac.
No, no, no, no, he can help in a role, yes, yes as a reasonable stopgap.

I think we all know the defense needed to be rebuilt. Obviously the defense looked terrible today, but what stinks is that HT and DMac were part of the culprits. So used to them being part of the solution. Might be nice to have in a reduced role, but don’t think they’ll be willing to accept it.

Key to this offseason will be how Mac develops. A decent/good rookie season and certainly an improvement on Cam, but we need him to take a step up next year. Go through his progressions faster. Recognize the defense to call the right protections at a better rate. And improve on looking off defenders. And then build up a bit more arm strength. If he can do that, we’re in good shape long term. If not, we’ll see.

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This could be BB's last game as Patriots HC and GM. I could see him taking a high executive position with the Giants, e.g. President of Football operations.

Thankful for everything he as done for the franchise BUT......

He has lost his edge and his roster decisions have been horrendous. Agholor, Jonnu, Jalen Mills. The team is hamstrung to sign the players it needs next year.

McDaniels will be next Pats HC maybe as soon as next season
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Need more speed and physicality on the defensive side of the ball. Dedicate the draft to the front seven (unless there's a playmaking DB too good to pass up).

I mean, Josh Allen is good, but he's not *that* good.

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I’m not going to get way into it right now because the loss sucks, but to all the people talking about building around Mac, a bright future, the core of the team, etc…the team went all-in this year with the offseason with a record spending spree and backloaded most of the deals. Henry, J. Smith, Judon, etc. will cost much more next year…even with the cap, the Patriots are structured to maintain the team with cap maneuvering and not to fill a lot of holes. That’s the thing with a free agent frenzy like this…the problems often don’t become apparent until down the road when all the money is tied up. This is absolutely not a team in year one of a three year plan where you’d expect them to automatically improve. They have their work cut out for them, big time.


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Wasn't really expecting a win considering how poorly this team has played over the past month. Jones hit a rookie wall and never recovered from it. Add in the defense that couldn't stop anyone and a early first round exit was easily predictable.

I think Jones had an okay season but he got worse is the season went on. Not absurd to wonder if he is quarterback of the future for this team.
seriously... he has zero weapons on offense.. allen has diggs and sanders. mahomes has kelce and hill.

the kid is playing phenomenal... if the defense doesnt puke on every freaking offensive play we are in the game... this was the most embarassing defense we have seen in a long time... the 17 game season requires fresher legs. need to get young and faster .. our team is not built for playoffs.

hoping Belichick adapts to the new NFL...