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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bills beat the Pats

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Oct 2nd
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This is a tough ending to an otherwise good season. Not many would have thought we would have made the playoffs with a rookie qb. I think Mac is definitely our future. Our defense was as bad as I can remember though. We'll need to upgrade our secondary, add a big body in the middle and add more speed to our LB.

This wasn't competitive today....hats off to the Bills, they were the better team. Josh Allen was too good.

This team has some decisions to we bring back Hightower, McCourty, Van Noy, Collins, Bentley, Trent Brown, Karras?

Overall, this was a successful season and we have some young talented players to build with, namely Mac.

Thank you to all who contributed this year in the GDT. On to the offseason.

Let's discuss!!!


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I rode out the GDT thread until the end. Well, at least when the site actually loaded.


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need to get younger. if it means we get some cap hits lets do it next season. go for full defense on draft and get one playmaker WR and JC J done and concentrate on getting younger and faster linebackers. van noy, hightower, collins, mccourty need to leave.


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Inglorious ending, but there's plenty of positives on this team.

Definitely happy with Mac, but i think we have to re-tool and move on from a handful of players. LB may be the most pressing need on this team.


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I think we have a great future. Time to clean house and build around Mac and Mondre. The D is too slow. Special teams needs a better coach. Overall I would give this season a B+. Hope we have another great draft.


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Wasn't really expecting a win considering how poorly this team has played over the past month. Jones hit a rookie wall and never recovered from it. Add in the defense that couldn't stop anyone and a early first round exit was easily predictable.

I think Jones had an okay season but he got worse as the season went on. Not absurd to wonder if he is quarterback of the future for this team.
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