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Oct 2nd
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Mack Herron

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Pro Bowl Player
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So many great Comedians. My opinion is Carlin is the Best and then there is the group of Pryor, Bruce, Chappelle, Rock and many others that Belong in the conversation.

And I have a right to my opinion, and my opinion is that you have no right to your opinion." Then shoot the f*** and walk away!


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About comedians, there are different lists for "stand up only" and "entire career".

People in the profession will say that Chapelle does a stand up show with timing, pacing, tonality, and audience connection that is better than its every been done. Old guys like me will protest, because memories of Carlin, Prior, etc. have sentimental pull. But if you listen to the pro's, they lean toward Chapelle as the new standard.

Now, for entire career, nobody did what Eddie Murphy did, go so far, so fast, and with so much ground breaking stuff. Here's testiment to that:


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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner

Definitely on the faster end of his timetable for that injury. My only concern if I'm a Colts fan is rushing him back when he's had recent injury problems already. But I think they see what we all see: Their first five games are BRUTAL on paper. They need him ramped up because if he doesn't hit the ground running they could be a in a big hole early.


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Several Bill players are in the 5 day protocol for exposure to "something that must not be named" Dave Giardi