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****** Official NFL regular season transactions and injuries thread ******

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Oct 31st

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I know he's been listed as Questionable for Sunday but how the hell is Frank Clark allowed to play after being charged with two felony weapons charges (but AB was blacklisted for an unproven civil suit)? NFL continues to bend over backwards for the Queefs.

What about any penalties for the team for one of their coaches causing permanent physical damage to that sweet little girl? Are they even investigating that? League is a fv&king disgrace & a joke.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Terrible idea in the era of the death flu.

There's actually more flexibility now because of six extra practice squad spots, the new back and forth practice squad rule, plus three week return IR.

The ninth offensive line lineman, Yasir Durant, is likely a development player. Under the new rules I think he is further from playing than practice squad players if there were injury Do you think Durant will be active much?

Both positions are important especially on this team, but you can replace Yasir Durant easier than SM. It seems every RB misses a few games. OL play complete seasons and every play on offense.

I don't see why they couldn't have found a spot for Sony. There will be a point this year we wish we had him.

ADDED: Sorry for hijacking thread.. Didn't realize. Will not respond any further on this...........

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More good New Orleans news: Saints CB Marshon Lattimore has agreed to a five-year, $97.6 million contract extension that could be worth up to $100 million, with $68.3 million guaranteed, per sources. It also includes the largest full guarantee at signing for any CB in NFL history


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Based on the initial tests, #Jets LT Mekhi Becton appeared to suffer an MCL sprain, source said. He’ll have an MRI to confirm the diagnosis but that is the initial word. Would be good news considering the other possibilities.


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#Lions coach Dan Campbell told reporters they are evaluating CB Jeff Okudah, who appeared to suffer an Achilles injury. They will have an MRI tomorrow to determine if it is fully torn. Another difficult circumstance for Okudah.


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Important injury news concerning the Patriots upcoming game:

There’s some bad news for the Jets’ secondary on Monday morning.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, defensive back Lamarcus Joyner suffered an apparent tendon in his arm during Sunday’s loss to the Panthers. Joyner left the game with an elbow injury. New York will get more tests to confirm, but Joyner likely needs surgery that will end his 2021 season.

Report: Lamarcus Joyner likely out for season with torn tendon - ProFootballTalk

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#Jets LT Mekhi Becton, who was carted off in serious pain, suffered a knee cap dislocation that popped back into place, sources say. No timeline yet.

Jets’ LT Mekhi Becton now is expected to be sidelined four to six weeks while also needing arthroscopic knee surgery to clean up damaged cartilage that he suffered during Sunday’s loss to Carolina, per source.



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I never cheer for injuries (so I won't "like" your post) but, if a player is already injured and has a recovery timeline, I have no problem being happy if it helps the Patriots. In this case, I think that applies.
Yeah the best part is to beat the top players of a team but if they have injuries, we can agree it is a huge help especially a monster like becton
good recovery goes to all injured players