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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Saints @ Pats

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Oct 24th

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Honestly I don't mind that sequence. We put it in the hands of Mac Jones and he messed up. Do it again. And Again. Either he figures it out or he doesn't. He should have learned by now that he isn't escaping from that situation though. That has happened a few times to him.


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No, I'm saying we shouldve kept him. He was a player we already had and had a year learning our plays and playing with these guys, he's a player who provides a good outlet on the run which we are currently struggling with and most importantly he's not a rookie.

I don't think Cam is a great answer but given he was already here and how static our offense has been this season, I simply think it made sense to keep him around. The hate for Cam seems to override logic.
Cam is done. No team including the Pats want him even as a backup for a reason.


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Can we bump Onwenwu back to tackle? Herron can’t get it done.
That was definitely the best choice but they chose not to do it for whatever reason. Seems they wanted to maintain consistency on the rest of the line, but now it's been 3 full games with no Brown...

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The frustrating part of today is the defense is playing pretty well...if not for those two int, this is a close game.
Defense has played a heck of a lot better in the 2nd half.

The team hasn’t given up and is showing fight, which is great. If only the offensive play calling would do the same, instead of pitching it to Bolden after getting a bunch of chunk plays in three receiver sets.


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My expectations are trembly low for this team. The offense is absolute garbage. Mac is a rookie so it’s understandable but McDaniels play calling has been total ***.


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This offense is pathetic, they had a power running team all set up with Cam and the two TE, Harris, Sony, and White with Aguliar on the outside, now they have a rookie QB making rookie mistake, and 5hey can’t get in 5he endzone.

they had 4 picks last week and barely won.


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Matt Judon is the only good FA signing by the Pats...the rest are meh
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