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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Saints @ Pats

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Oct 24th

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It’s not a stretch to say that on 3-4 occasions, Smith catching the ball would have changed the course of this game. That is frustrating.


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And for people complaining about the run being abandon, outside of the Mac Jones run, we have 7 runs for 19 yards. Under 3YPC. It isn't working.

It's easy to stop the run based on formation and down. So predictable by the oc. Very easy to stop


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Right now the only thing that matters this season is the development of Mac...the team's record is going to be average at best I'm afraid. I just want to see 2-3 good drives by Mac for the rest of the game.


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That was one pathetic drop by Smith. That was a Harry esque play.

Is there a clause in the contract where the player pays the team money back for plays like that?


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No he hasn't. Far from it. Maybe that INT was something he should have hung onto, but otherwise he's not been any sort of disaster.
Most of Mac's best throws were to one specific player who has dropped everything or tipped it into the hands of the defense: "Mac has been brutal!"


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I’m close to accusing Smith of what my dad always accused Irving Fryar of… throwing the game.

Given Fryar’s jail time I think that my dad may have been onto something.


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Hi Rex do you kiss Mark Sanchez toes with that mouth?
Sorry chrisR but facts are facts. This is brutal. You're the one kissing belichick's bum. Right after he dumped this load on you too.

He's being exposed. Brady makes everyone look good.
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