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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Saints @ Pats

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Nov 28th

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story of the game is no QB pressure on winston

Mac isnt the problem, hes getting pressure in his face on every other play.


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The #'s don't show it but the erratic Jameis is showing up a bit today. Threw into triple coverage and the 2nd TD pass was very fortunate, both could easily have been picks. Keep grinding and we might be able to pressure him into a big one


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We can make fun of Jameis all we want but he's a lot better than he was with the Bucs, at least through 3 weeks...

Lagaffe_07 Supporter Supporter
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It’s become increasingly obvious Cam wasn’t the only issue. Just sayin
It doesn’t matter if the WR can’t get open when the pass never reach the WR and finish in the ground 5 yards earlier. There is a reason no team approached him since he has been cut

Joker Supporter Supporter
Cliche time...everything starts in the trenches. Our O line is putrid. EOS


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We need to not panic it's a 11 pint game run the ball play smart football.
Mistakes have been killing this team.
Payton is a great coach he's playing chess whole josh Is playing candyland.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
I still think the offense is on the receivers and the o-line. Jones is doing everything a good seasoned QB would do in this situation. I still don’t know if Brady would have done all that much better in this offense.

And McDaniels is trying to do things to keep pressure off Jones and get receivers open from play action to a decent amount pre-snap motion. It just isn’t over coming the deficiency of the o-line and the receivers not getting open. McDaniels have made his fair share of questionable decisions, but I see this more about execution.


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Belichick being exposed. Losing post brady record. He'll coach for a few more years. Never to catch lightning in a bottle again.
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