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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Saints @ Pats

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Oct 24th

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I was going to post a poll on ne's record this year. I would have said 5 to 6 wins. I would have been prescient. In steven a jackson's words " ne is straight up ga-bage and that's an insult to ga-bage:

If belichick retires as brady leaves he hoes out as goat. Now he'll retire with a losing post brady record in a year or two. Believed his own press clippings.


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My goodness. Get over your ego there Bill. You’d rather run it with 30+ year old Bolden than Stevenson just because he fumbled once?


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If you're gonna move on form Brady then you can't play the way they have the last 19 games and expect not to get chirped.


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On one hand yes it’s time to move on from Mcd and find a new scar level coach..

on the other hand we have a mediocre roster plus a rookie qb.

so I’m unsure as to where they even go roster-wise, or what judgements to make on they did this off-season.

would love to see these two quarters replacing with tb12 and cam. Imagine much better and worse performances, but with the ol play not sure.

it does appear more clearly today that offseason moves were necessary because of poor drafting. Not a dynasty rebuild, not some egomaniacal fight with Brady... just a necessary step to not sink to nyj level obscurity. Kinda desperate. Judon isn’t enough (Barrymore looks ok), Bentley sucks, the rb core should be a standard thing every year with an x receiver... etc.

do miss a Blount-like presence in the rb group
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