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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Texans

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Time to retire the “Patriots should be 3-1 or 4-0” talk. Bad teams consistently make losing plays like this team does.
Well they would be if not for the football gods.


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That fumble was ALL on Harris. Can not expect to get a break on the review. Harris needs to own it and Pats 100% deserve to be losing. Poorly coached team
SMH.. Please leave with this f'in garbage. Seriously. They aren't "poorly coached". That's the garbage that people who know nothing about the game throw out to take blame off the players.

And seriously. Your evaluation of the play is garbage. It was an awesome play by the Texans player. God forbid you give the opposing team some credit for showing up. Especially after they had their rear-ends handed to them the week before.

Fact is that they called it a TD on the field. There is no way that the Texans player knocked the ball out BEFORE Harris had it across the plane. Why? because the Texans player was straddling the line and his left side was IN the End Zone. It's a physical impossibility to go across your body like that and make contact before the ball gets in.. Not to mention there was no conclusive shot that showed the ball loose prior to being IN the EZ.

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