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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Cowboys @ Pats

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Nov 28th

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Honestly very fortunate to be up going into the half. I'm worried though, the offense looked very shaky since that killer penalty. Need a 'statement drive' to start the 2nd half.

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so why use the time outs if they are not going to try?
In case Dallas scored the TD, gives them time to try to get points to end the half.

Given the huge confidence building series that actually happened, BB didn’t want to risk losing that momentum when we get the ball coming out of the half.

not saying I agree, just saying the thought process.


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And now we run out of time with just one run that was stopped?!?!?!?! Why did we just do nothing with a possession with 1:32 left which should have been almost 2 minutes? We're that confident about a 4 pts lead?!?

What's going on here?
McDouche…..horrible O play calling and clock control there…..


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Im gonna willfully ignore the last offensive drive so that I am very happy with this first half



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Giving up after getting the fumble was stupid. But McCarthy may have even trumped that through his absolutely brainless use of the timeout.


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If Mac gets sacked again and fumbles at the end of the first half we're screwed...we get the ball to start the 2nd half, so I'm ok with this. We go in with the lead.
What if he gets sacked in the 2nd half?


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There were a bad ends to the last.two.drives with the sack strip and the blocked kick. Thanks to the Defense stepping up we still have the lead. And get the ball first in second half. I think taking a knee here was a good move. Get them inside talk, adjust and have everyone calm and focused.


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This is so unlike anything we have seen from the Patriots in years. He always let Brady try to get a score before the half, he should have let Mac try also, Mac has played well today !

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I don’t mind it, we aren’t a big play offense.

They have gotten some big plays today. They only needed to pick up 50 yards for a field goal. You try to go for it on first down. If you don’t pick up a good amount of positive yards, then you consider running down the clock and going into halftime with a lead.


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OK--let's talk about the refs because everyone will after this game.

Remember, same thing happened to the Patriots with a bad spot by the goalline this year. We learned then that the refs don't review that, so what is Romo talking about?

The Cowboys got a lot of calls against them. Not all of them had to be called. But all of them were LEGIT!!!

What wasn't legit? The holding call against Ferentz. That guy got moved off by Ferentz pushing him. Bad call, took 7 points away from the Patriots.

This game is basically madness both ways.


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we're going into the half with a lead, what don't you like?
If we were old Pats fine, but we need as many opportunities as possible to score . "weaker" team must take some chances, Or do we just want to lose respectably ?


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Our defense has played lights out, hats off to them.

Our OL might just get Mac Jones killed. He has made all the throws in the book when given time and protection.
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