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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Cowboys @ Pats

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Pick Results: TEN: 7.3% at NE: 92.7%

Nov 28th

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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
What a bad time for the o-line to remember that they are a bunch of back ups.


Pro Bowl Player
We'll need to go with 6 man protection from now on. Cajuste didn't even get a finger on Gregory.. got smoked off the edge.. completely smoked.

patfanken Supporter Supporter
OOF Ferentz. Instead of celebrating a TD, New England has a turnover fumble as the OL crumbles and gives no protection to Mac.

about getting more wide receivers, BB needs to trade for OL talent to protect Mac or he's gonna get KILLED out there!!
What are you watching. The Pats have put MUCH more pressure on Dak than the Cowboys did to the Pats before the last play


Pro Bowl Player
I understand why Romo is rooting for the Cowboys.....they are in his heart, I don't get the hate from Jim !. I might mute the TV
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