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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bucs @ Pats

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Pats win 6 game so if they're lucky w this coaching staff... absolutely pathetic. turnovers penalties wasted time outs. kick a fg w folk? are you kidding me?


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Belichick blew this one. A field goal with a minute left is still a loss in all likelihood. You only win if you go for it, kill the rest of the clock, then kick.


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That third down had it wide open in the middle of the field that got knocked down, how painful. Would have given it back with two timeouts had he made it, I was hoping they went for it.


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No idea why they didn’t go for it. With that weather, that distance etc. Garbage call. Team performed far better than I thought they would. Shame the turnovers, mental errors and questionable coaching decisions cost em in the end. Moving on.

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Why kick it there? Brady would've had plenty of time left for him of all people with 2 timeouts.


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Should have gone for it. Even if the field goal was good. Brady had 55 seconds with two time outs to get in field goal range


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Belichick with a quick bro hug. McDaniels with the big hug and the rest of the players giving him a lot of hugs and love.
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