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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

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I’m sorry but Jones is not “it”.

He can’t carry the team, he has failed in every late game situation when they were trailing. Think about how many plays Allen made today, and Jones made none.


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This offense looked like the mike martz 7 to 9 step drops for Jones today. Was it just me or was he getting crazy deep a lot? Seemed to set him up for tough passes

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Darn - Cam never threw for less than a 50% Completion rate last year. MJones with the 44% today. On to the Jaguars.

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I’ll say it again, the team isn’t aggressive enough and wants to play a heavy game management style that is only working against teams that we can get the jump on early. We aren’t built to come from behind or win a shootout, which you need to be able to do to be a contender in the modern NFL.
We don’t have the Wrs to play that type of game yet. Bourne and Meyers are nice players but we need that true #1.
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