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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

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Oct 2nd
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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
The Patriots defense hasn’t played worse all year. Not even against Dallas.

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
not a single OL hold against the Colts or the Bills. I call massive BS
I do too, and i don't believe its an accident. After seeing the travesty of the 1976 pats raiders game ive come to believe the fix can be in, its not a rumour, loser talk, eg you blame the reffs for a loss. While don't think anything ergregious as the game in 1976 is going on, ive notice more frequently calls or lack of calls against the patriots. Goodel and the nfl front office want new blood, or new fan bases to cash in on. So you see the reffs slant a game in the direction of a matchup that would make the most $$$$$ for the owners. Its become pretty obvious in the last ten to fifteen years.
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Practice Squad Player
The defense had so many opportunities to make a big play and came up short time and time again. Couldn't even hold them to a field goal, what a joke

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Well there's the TD. That really really decreases the likelihood we'll win :D

Eh well, if we see them in the playoffs it'll be in Buffalo, where we can beat them

patfanken Supporter Supporter
I can't say how disappointed I was with the play of Matthew Judon. On that last 4th down play, he just took 2 steps up the field and got COLLAPSED by the LT, like he just gave up. It's been like he's been disinterested all game. The bigger the moment, the smaller he played. Just sayin'
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