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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats

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Oct 9th
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Seems like every got-to-have-it has gone BUF’s favour. And that might be the story of this game.

NE always shows fight. And they do just enough to make us hopeful. But there have been quite a few key plays that « weren’t made » and that is costing NE…
We lack the skill talent. That’s the reality.


In the Starting Line-Up
Who do you want them to play genius?
Idk. How about anyone other than Bryant? Throw Bryant on whoever Mills is covering. Switch it up. Didnt Ross get activated vs Williams? How about him? You can’t just let the guy get destroyed over and over without making adjustments.


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No way Saints beat Dolphins down 15 players and 3 QBs


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Beyond pathetic. Lmao this team
Is a frekin joke. Beat a bunch of bad and injury depleted good teams. Fakers
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