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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Bills @ Pats


This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.

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Yeah, well Bill had his chance and blew up barring a miracle. A young stud QB with that line and young backfield is a recipe for insane success with a staff like there have in Foxboro. Don't need a retread but thats where they find themselves, or so it appears.
What chance did Bill blow?


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just imagine if you were 6-35 to the bills. 25yrs of ineptitude. i'm not sure how many pats fans on here remember the pats before brady.... but there's 25yr olds who only know 35-6 to the pats. i think they might get excited about winning the division... perspective.


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We're going to have to break the bank for JC Jackson. Diggs has a whopping 2 yards for the first half.

Huge game for him. This game is getting him paid, make no mistake. Also JC knew going into this game That it may well be the most important game of his life. And he's playing like it.
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