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Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
The Colts are sending the house on most of these plays. Why is McDaniels not taking more advantage of their aggressiveness. A toss outside run is not the way to go.

PittPatriot Supporter Supporter
Nothing or more overrated on the 2021 NFL than the New England Patriots running game.
We feast on weak teams and we run on long passing downs.

TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
Colts are flooding the box at the snap, challenging Mac to beat them. They’re run 2 or 3 defensive calls pre-snap and Mac is a little confused.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
Throw the ball for fk sakes. Indy is clearly selling out on the run.


In the Starting Line-Up
Let's see how this team responds after getting punched in the mouth a few times. Fight or flight


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
This Colt's team is brutal on both sides of the ball. I'd rather face KC in the playoffs then these guys.


In the Starting Line-Up
Yet again. Trying to go wide against a team faster than you. I don’t get it. Hey! Do we have anyone to replace Bailey?
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