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Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Great throw by Jones. Add the punt block to that drop, and Jakobi must be feeling awful. On the plus side, here's a chance for this team to show it can play through in-game adversity of the 14 point deficit variety.
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TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
It would be nice if the Pats came to play.

Plenty of time to dig out of this hole, though.


In the Starting Line-Up
What a terrible start. It’s gonna take a ton to come back and win. Time to celebrate my birthday by getting hammered


Hall of Fame Poster
That's Bubba Ventrone.. y'all remember his brother who was cut about 300 times by us.


Pro Bowl Player
That's the last thing that can happen when you are being outplayed at the start. You at least need the special teams to come through. What a letdown in all phases.


Pro Bowl Player
Indy’s been in the backfield far far too much. And, it hurt on O, but was a killer on ST.

Atm, Indy is the tougher, more intense squad.


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2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I remember going years without a blocked punt and that is at least twice this year. Bad.
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