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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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Except you didn't use facts. You claiming the refs called the game the same is complete and utter BS. The fact that you are bringing up the winning streak when it has ZERO to do with anything said by me shows you threw in your own garbage that was irrelevant. It has zero to do with what I stated.

So, No. You didn't understand what I wrote. Nothing I said was about "optics". It was about what ACTUALLY happened on the field tonight. Something you seem oblivious to.
Not sure what this is about. This is a ridiculous thing go any further on. Our defense had a weakness and it has been exploited today. Was the fact I was pointing out. I don't think the refs affected this game one bit.


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No matter how you slice it, we gave up 7 TDS on 7 drives - never happened in the playoffs. Missing a few bodies, and getting thoroughly outplayed. Coaching, defense and offense sucked. This team didn't show up, and Buffalo has a talented squad... perfect recipe for a blowout.

This game is on the Patriots, not the officiating. They have a lot of work to do, but they have promise at QB - which is massively important - and a few positions. Future could be bright, but yeah, it was a disappointing night.


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Probably already noted, but body language on the Pats has seemed like "damn, it's too cold, can we just go home?" since the opening kickoff. Body language on the Bills has seemed like "damn, can we crank up the A/C some more, it's not cold enough out here."

This isn't an original observation, but one team came ready to play in frigid temps. The other team did not. Hence, the lop-sided score.


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I wonder if teams will rescind their request to interview Mayo after this.
Not that it's his fault, but boy Steve Jr. is looking pretty bad now.
The entire coaching staff is looking bad. And JMD wasn't aggressive/creative enough to start - again.
But the D was completely outmatched.

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I really hope we don't score too quickly. Do not want to see the defense again.
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