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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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I'm still a Pats fan and watch every game, but culminating with running The GOAT out of town, I lost faith in the "In Bill we trust" regime. It's time to really move on. That's my honest opinion and I know many here do not agree with my opinion whatsoever, and that's fine. Must we have a purity test for people disgusted with our multi years long crappy roster management and loser teams like BUF humiliating us on national television?

Run DMC sucks. Just go away.


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Dude, every single game we lose or get dominated this is your reasoning. To even bring up refs in a game like this is laughable. Idc how many bad calls they mad. It made zero difference in the outcome of this game. We were thoroughly outplayed. That is why we not only lost, but got embarrassed. You'd have more of an argument if this game was even remotely close. We are getting blown the f*** out.

No, it's not. But I'm not surprised you spew this sort of stupidity. It's your modus operandi.

What's laughable is people like yourself who ignore the role the refs played because it doesn't fit your asinine agenda. Feel free to ignore me so neither of us have to put up with your dumb responses.

BTW, SFBS, The refs Non-Calls gave Buffalo at least 3 TDs tonight. So your claim that it made ZERO difference is complete and utter BS on your part.

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It's funny when the pre game picks were out I thought they were giving us too much credit for the score being so close. I didn't wanna be the negative Nancy and say we'll probably lose by 10-14.

Guess that would've been too optimistic

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Jones might not be the answer, 10 points wasn’t going to win this team, even if the defense showed up.

Jones isn’t the problem tonight. The Pats were forced to become one dimensional because the defense and the Pats getting down quickly. The first INT wasn’t his fault. The drops haven’t been his fault. The lack of a running game isn’t his fault.

It is too much to ask a rookie QB to carry the entire team in playoff game.


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Our D isn't this bad if the offensive Holding is called. It nullifies half the scores that Buffalo has gotten.
People like YOU want to ignore the favoritism that was shown by the refs and just blame EVERYTHING on the team. It's one of the most asinine takes out there. It always has been.

Try understanding what's ACTUALLY stated instead of putting some ridiculous BS take on it. Because that's exactly what you did.
Was no take, just facts. The refs are calling the game the same. We can't stop them, this defense is bad. They got lucky against some subpar QBs and lucky tips here and there during that winning streak.
I understood what you wrote very well and the implication is that if the refs do their job, it will have help the optics. I just disagree, we can't stop them.

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Shut down corner can't cover a plodding TE. PAY THAT MAN!
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