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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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reflexblue Supporter Supporter
I'd rather have the guy with the bazooka arm.

and Bill should be embarrassed with his D. The mastermind defensive genius just got owned by Josh Allen.
After watching the last 6 games, i'm not sure how much he cares. the team hasn't been ready to play for a month and a half now.


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If I were Buffalo, I’d go for two here lol.


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Allen is playing incredible......again going at Bryant....we are going to need to improve in the secondary next year......getting Jonathan Jones back will certainly help


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Why? Because the Bills have been given 99% of the calls? The Number of plays where Buffalo committed a Penalty in front of an official with NO CALL made has been utterly ridiculous. Including DPI and Unnecessary Roughness.

Dude, every single game we lose or get dominated this is your reasoning. To even bring up refs in a game like this is laughable. Idc how many bad calls they mad. It made zero difference in the outcome of this game. We were thoroughly outplayed. That is why we not only lost, but got embarrassed. You'd have more of an argument if this game was even remotely close. We are getting blown the f*** out.


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Hopefully the media asks this joke of a defense if they were embarrassed while the Bills went up and down the field on them like they did the Bills the first go around.

Dingleberry Supporter Supporter
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At least Apollo put in some effort before getting beat to death.


denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
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Has any team not forced a punt 2 games in a row in the history of the league
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