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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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Oct 2nd
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In the Starting Line-Up
End of day we couldn’t stop the run and our dbs haven’t been able to tackle. I don’t know but things need to change on defense this off season.


Practice Squad Player
I don't think they could get a stop if they played them 10 straight weeks, without 50 mph winds at least

Hammer of Thor Supporter Supporter
Story of the game is the complete lack of pressure. Allen has 5 seconds to throw on every snap
I’d say the story of the game was
- lack of pressure
- lack of tackling
- blown coverages
- lack of shedding blocks
- just getting bullied at the line
- lack of setting the edge

But otherwise it wasn‘t that bad….

Silver Blue&Red

Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
This secondary is a clown show.

And please stop the TV crews, Josh Allen member stroking. Get his number dude!!

This Pats line up make him look much better than he is. Stay tuned next week.

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
I think the Pats can score 24 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. Call me an eternal optimist or just a glutton for punishment. I know I am one of those two.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Said it before ... Sometimes you're the tentacle monster, sometimes you're the Japanese schoolgirl.
I am so stealing this to use on some of my more twisted up friends....they will crack up so thank you sir
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