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Game Day Thread Official Game day Playoff Thread- Pats @ Bills

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And he hasn’t quit. He’s still out there playing as hard as he can. He’s been the least of our problems tonight.
That Hyde pick was insane. But man…. We have 1 CB worth anything on the field right now, and the front 7 was the weak point anyway. A lot of work to do this offseason. Mac hasn’t been good enough to lead us above this, but at least he’s not contributing to the problem. But he’ll need to take a step up in his game next year now that he’s had a chance to see the NFL for a full year.

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...busy watching my boy, the GOAT, go 13-4 after winning his 7th Super Bowl last season. How bout you?
So your a Bucs fan??? Who will you cheer for when TB's retired.??? Run back here???

Not to be a D!ck, but we need to take the bad with the good. We suck right now. They will get better. The last 20 years deserve that much

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Defense needs to take some chances. Pull a Miami and zero blitz the rest of the game. What's the worst that could happen, they score?


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Where's the flag on the Bills' O-line man for taunting? He just did to Phillips what Brown and Andrews did..


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How embarrassing won’t even force a punt in two


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Headed toward 2 games vs. Bills without a punt.....a disgrace.
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